It’s a warm Sunday morning in Llanberis, Snowdonia. The time is 08:55 and I am chomping at the bit, waiting to start the third Snowdonia Trail Marathon with around eight hundred other runners all equally eager for that starting horn to sound. After running the 2015 edition in 5 hours 7 minutes and missing the […]

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Running the Penmachno Trails

Howdy doody folks. Super smashing trail run today around the double loop that includes the Dolen Machno and the Dolen Eryri, a distance of, at least by my Suunto Ambit 3, 28.6 km or 17.7 miles. It’s generally an MTB trail, but if you come and run during the week or when it’s not a […]

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Super-Sunny Gwydyr Trails

Howdy doody. So today, after four days of no running and my legs feeling like they’ve been steam-rollered, I went out for a really fab trail run around the Gwydyr Forest, which kind of surrounds Betws y Coed around the east and north. As well as being a great place for mountain biking, it is also […]

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