Tense morning or what??!!

We’ve had great news today 😊😊

The Good, The Bad and the Stuff Inbetween

If I thought I was tense yesterday, it was nothing to how I was feeling this morning. After a night of broken sleep, constantly needing to pee and very weird dreams, I finally woke up around 8:30. Then the anxiety started. When were they going to phone? I felt sick. I managed a cup of tea but food was out of the question. I spent ages on Facebook looking at stupid videos in an attempt to distract myself from the reality. The reality that there could be bad news, that this could be the end of our journey.

10:00 the phone rang. Jason the embryologist has a soothing voice but was giving nothing away. After he’d confirmed my name and date of birth it happened. ‘Well, it’s good news’. Oh my goodness, the relief that washed over me in that instant was almost overwhelming. I’m glad I was sitting down…

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One thought on “Tense morning or what??!!

  1. I was 31 (and abit) when we had 2 Embryo’s put back in, there was 2 little sac’s on the 1st scan but sadly 1 didn’t make it to the next scan – don’t let the statistics get to you x I took 2 weeks off when they were put back in and just really didn’t too much – convinced myself that it would help them to embed into the womb if I was resting x Good Luck, I have everything crossed for you all 😍 x

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