Stunning Winter Mountain Run

Yesterday I had the wonderful privilege to be able to run up our local ‘big’ mountain; Yr Wyddfa, otherwise known as Snowdon. She was in full, and I mean full, alpine-like winter resplendent conditions. I’ve had many a fine winter day on this most majestic and shapely of UK mountains, with well over 100 ascents in all conditions. But winter ones have generally been my favourites, whether running or walking.

I knew the weather was due to crap out mid-afternoon, so there was nothing to it but to get out the door. I certainly did not expect a clear summit. But hell yeah, that’s what I got!

So, instead of me doing the writing, I’m going to let the video I made do the talking. It is twenty minutes long (from six hours of editing clips together) and watching a running video is a bit ‘meh’ to some, others however, find inspiration from them. It’s YOU that I am aiming to inspire here, as I find inspiration from them too, providing the content appeals to me. It is only my second attempt at making a merged YouTube movie, so obviously there is a lot of room for improvement, but in time and with better equipment, I hope to improve.

I hope you enjoy it (watch in full screen @ 1080p if connection allows):

I descended to the bottom of the Ranger Track, by which time Snowdon’s summit was engulfed in  cloud. Within an hour, a horrible, rainy weather front arrived as I sit in a cafe, smug in the knowledge that I’d been up in near perfect conditions.

It pays to stay on top of weather forecasts 🙂

Thanks again folks 🙂



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