“It’s time to start……


(If you can name the film that quote comes from, you will win nothing but the warm satisfaction and smugness of being correct).

Woohoo! Yeah I’m back running šŸ™‚

It’s been ten days today since the ultra and I’ve been going out of my mind with boredom due to my arch blister taking its sweet time to heal. But now, finally, it has. So my shoes are well and truly back on!

So today I initially only wanted to do a ‘level’ run (but me being me, I made it harder than I should have), which is quite hard where I live due to its inherent hilliness. Not sure if that’s a word, but it is now. I didn’t run in the mountains per se, but I ran in the mountains. Because that’s where the route goes; up into the Nant Ffrancon valley, where you are surrounded on three sides by big lumps of rocky rockiness, currently wearing their winter coats. Again. For about the tenth time so far this year. The weather in North Wales is fickle to say the least, up and down like a whores drawers. It snows. It melts. It snows. It melts. Like the old Ariston advert, it goes on and on and on. Some of you will likely not get that. Sorry. But, because I love all of you (except YOU good Sir), here’s how it goes. Good luck getting it out of your head:

Here’s today’s route stats for you Strava types (incidentally, if you’d like to make like a stalker and Follow Me, be my guest):

If you tip your head to the right, it could almost be a whale. I have a vivid imagination okay?

Also today, I wanted to make a few videos and edit them with YouTube into one merged type thing, like all the cool kids are doing these days. Now I’m certainly no media wizard, so don’t expect uber sound quality, snazzy visuals or things that make me look more attractive. I’m a runner, not an advert for L’Oreal; besides, I don’t have enough hair. Although I could ad for Just For Men, due to my distinguished silver beard.
I’ve done the filming with my trusty Galaxy S7 with the front camera for the most part, so although it states it’s recording at 1080p, it looks more like 10p when uploaded to YouTube. But that’s selfie cameras for you. Also, with snow on the mountains and the sun right where I didn’t want it, all you’ll see in some backgrounds is what appears to be the flash from a nuclear warhead detonating ten miles away. Naturally, Ā I’m also nicely co-ordinated as colours go; it’s very important that when running you don’t look like a rainbow has just vomited on you.
Soon I plan on investing in a proper 1080p or even 4K sports cam so I can film this stuff properly and be as good as this guy. Seriously, if I can be half as good as he is, I’ll be happy.

It’s about 5 minutes long and I’d appreciate some Likes as I’d like to do more of these and they’ll hopefully improve with time. Probably needed a comma in that sentence:

To be honest, for a first edit, I’m quite pleased with it. Although I’ve just realised that I’ve missed one short part out. Oh well. I’m limited by YouTube though as certain areas I wanted to lower the volume of the music a little; unfortunately, I can only lower the volume across the entire track though the video. May use Movie Maker next time.

Anyway, I hope you enjoyed it. There will be more to come during my runs, so that I can show case to you the beautiful and often wild place I live. Eryri. Snowdonia.

Cheers šŸ™‚



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