VLog & Training/Injury Update

Hello I’m trying my best not to feel too sombre as I write this post, because I’m sitting here in pain, as my back has flared up again. I go into the reasons after you’ve watched (hopefully!) the video below, if you can spare 10 minutes to listen to me talking about things and explaining where […]

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Hello readers I’ve been trying my best lately to ensure that all of my runs are done off-road, due to the problems I’ve been having with my right shin and lower back. This helps to minimise the amount of pounding my body takes. Well, I’m not sure that’s entirely accurate, as to be honest, I still get […]

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Messing about in mines

Hi guys You’ll remember the other day I said I’d be writing a post about going in to a dark place? Well, thankfully it has nothing to do with my depression and everything to do with enjoying myself in one of the dark, dank slate mines of North Wales. So without further ado, I’ll start […]

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