End of Week Two


Back to my happy self after two difficult posts. Incidentally, I will refer to my depression every now and again, but now you know my story/background…. so thank you again to those people who took the time to read the long and difficult posts 🙂

Anyhoo, so here I am, at the end of another good week of running in my Edinburgh Marathon plan. Obviously, I’m not really feeling any gains just yet, but I would expect to after say, the fourth week.
I did change the program a little, so that I have a set day for any speed work and a set rest day, being Friday. Although, when the mountain guiding season kicks off soon, this will have to be altered, especially my long run days; these are carried out on the weekend, which is when the bulk of my work tends to be.

So, here’s the week with those all-important stats:

  • Monday, Easy 8K
    • 44:39, 5:40/km
  • Tuesday, Constant Speed Session 
    • 1 x 5 min Warm Up
    • 1 x 10 mins at 3:51/km, (2.6km)
    • 1 x 10 mins at 4.05/km, (2.5km)
    • 1 x 5 Cool Down
  • Wednesday, Easy 8K inc. Steep Hill Climb
    • 47:43, 5:40/km
  • Thursday, Tempo
    • 1 x 5 mins Warm Up
    • 1 x 20 mins @ 4:16/km
    • 1 x 5 mins Cool Down
  • FridayREST
  • SaturdaySteady Pre-Long Run
    • 7.7K, 39:20, 5:04/km
  • Sunday – Easy/Moderate Paced Trail Long Run
    • 18.6km
    • 2:03.10
    • 6:36/km
    • 608 metres ascent

Total: 61.8KM or 38.4 miles

Not a bad week then. I should have only one speed session really, but I changed the plan half-way through the week. This could explain why I felt pretty fatigued during Saturday’s run; that pace wasn’t what I would normally find too difficult, but I really felt it towards the end of the run and was glad to finish.
After the tempo session, although I was very pleased with how it went, I kinda looked like this:


Nope, I don’t like running fast. Thank frick it’s only once a week.

I’ve had a niggling right shin this week though, which I attribute to constant running on mostly tarmac/concrete, so I made the decision to do the trail run on Sunday, to ease the pounding, and plus, I like to run off-road and/or in the mountains. Inevitably, these runs are always harder, even if you set out easy; it’s the ascent involved and often technical terrain. So I have to be very careful at what point I choose to run off-road, or I could fatigue too early in the week. The key is to carry over fatigue from the steady run prior to the long run, to simulate latter-stage marathon conditions.

I also have to ensure that I do rest on my rest day. I don’t always do this as I can get bored and well, you know the rest. But after Saturday’s run in the morning, my wife and I did manage a mountain walk, day’s that I count as ‘time on feet’; so although I may not be running, my legs are still being used, so I probably should just do this on alternate weeks. But here’s a few pics from the day:


Approaching Moel Siabod from the east
Crampons & axes out along the difficult, snowy ridge
Moel Siabod summit, 872 metres
On the way down, the light played for me for a minute or two

Yep, I’m pretty pleased after Week 2 and look forward to the start of Week 3, tomorrow.

I’ll close with a couple from today, posted to my Instagram feed. How’s your training going, care to share? 🙂

‘Till next time folks 🙂


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