Hillwalk Heaven

Hi folks. Haven’t posted for a few days as you may or may not have noticed. Life gets in the way as you all know at times. After my run the other day I talked about an injury to my shin that I was suffering with and whilst this has thankfully 80% gone thanks to […]

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Here we go again….

…or not. A while ago I blogged about injury/illness and how it was causing me a lot of grief. Unfortunately, I cannot link to this as it was on a previous domain that has expired. Which is annoying. The post basically outlined how being injured can really knock us for six as far as our […]

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End of Week Two

Hello. Back to my happy self after two difficult posts. Incidentally, I will refer to my depression every now and again, but now you know my story/background…. so thank you again to those people who took the time to read the long and difficult posts 🙂 Anyhoo, so here I am, at the end of […]

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