A Splash of Colour


I took the dog up the back field this morning and as usual, I like to keep my eye out for anything to photograph. I don’t take my normal camera, but I do take my phone and if there’s something I like I will use Instagram and upload it when I get back in the house.

It wasn’t too long before I saw something, glowing red at the side of the track; poppies.

As it’s an overcast morning here in North Wales, the rich red colour really stood out. So I thought I’d get in behind them, crouch down low and get the contrasting, grey clouds and the mountains in the background, adding a ‘faux’ depth of field afterwards. I took just the one shot, and edited both quickly in Lightroom and Photoshop, giving one a colour accent, as I thought this would work really well for this kind of shot:

The poppy stands bright against the monochrome background.
The poppy stands bright against the monochrome background.

I decided not to clone out the grasses, although in hind sight, I think perhaps the grass on the right, breaking the skyline higher than the left side, I could have fixed.

Here is the full colour version:

Poppy Colour

I carried on walking around the upper side of the field and looked to the north west, to see Holyhead Mountain, 25 miles away, shining in the sunlight. I did not shoot this, as we all know how poor camera phones can be, and it would have just been a cropped, awful mess!

Well, I hope I’ve brought some colour to your day.



3 thoughts on “A Splash of Colour

  1. Hi Elton,
    Indeed you brought a bit of colour to my day. Not only because both photos are beautiful but also because I love poppies and they have a special meaning to me!!
    I think I prefer the original full colour one, although I have noticed that your “accent photos” are quite eye catching, especially the cycling ones. I’m glad you included both versions. 🙂


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