Vintage Looks….

Just a very quick post.

I forgot that I took this shot a while ago as I borrowed my friend’s Pentax K-30. You may have noticed that a lot of my shots at the moment are monochrome or have colour accents. I’m really starting to like black and white, and how very dramatic they can make an otherwise, standard colour image.

Playing around with this one earlier in Lightroom and Perfect Effects 8. The weather on this day was awful. I had to shoot to the north to avoid rain hitting the lens. The river in the foreground has tumbled down from Cwm Lloer that is to the rear-left of the image, shadowed by the bulk of Pen yr Ole Wen. The south westerly was really blowing the water across into this river; there were white horses colliding as the two waterways converged. My feet got soaked taking the shot, as I tried to brace myself against the wind!
The detail isn’t that great as for some reason I cannot find the original RAW file, so is an edited JPEG (and I really dislike working with JPEGs 😦 )

Anyway, I’d appreciate any CC you can give.

Over the Afon Lloer towards Bodesi, far right of image.
Over the Afon Lloer towards Bodesi, far right of image.

One thought on “Vintage Looks….

  1. This photo is very surreal… at first I didn’t see a river in it, only the “ambience” of the image, which is cool & nostalgic.
    Having said that, please keep up. Always interesting to see your photo effects/experiments 🙂

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