Monochrome In The Rain

Hi all

Well, today wasn’t a particularly good day for photography, as it was/is raining, but I thought I’d take the camera along as I dropped my wife off at the top of Pen y Pass to guide a client up Snowdon. It was only upon driving down to see a friend of mine, Nick Livesey that I thought the damp, grey skies might be conducive to black and white photography. Anyway, I had a coffee whilst watching my friend restraining himself from any stresses from customers (hill walkers can sometimes be a pain in the rear); but he does a great job – I couldn’t do what he does! Chwarae teg, Nick 😉

That means ‘fair play’ in Welsh, by the way.

As I sat listening to a large group of walkers, debating whether to do Snowdon due to the poor weather, I thumbed through a copy of Trail magazine, rolling my eyes at its references to parts of Snowdonia that they had incorrect. For example, you don’t reach the Devil’s Kitchen by heading to Glyder Fawr from Y Garn, you reach Llyn y Cwn. Yes, I’m nit-picking, but when you live here, I really hate it when the media get the facts incorrect; it’s like hearing tourists say ‘Mount Snowdon‘ or ‘Mount Tryfan‘ – it’s totally cringe-worthy! Drop the ‘Mount‘ pleeeasssseee! They are always getting stuff wrong to be honest, even going so far a few years ago as to provide the incorrect compass bearing to take off the summit of Ben Nevis! Consequently, I stopped buying it at that point and I only read it as the usual Pro Cycling mags were not there. I prefer TGO 🙂

Anyway, the rain continued to pour as I finished my coffee off. I agreed with Nick that we should get out on the hill in the next couple of weeks, and made my way out to the car to drive home via the beautiful Ogwen Valley. I also picked up my mountain rescue team’s Annual Report, as it features one of my images on the cover:

The cover is actually colour, but I wanted to accent the team logo.
The cover is actually colour, but I wanted to accent the team logo.

I figured I’d stop at a camp site I knew of and take some shots of Tryfan from there. So, here we go. All monochrome today folks (click all images for larger versions):

So despite the fact I struggled to keep my lens clear of rain, I still managed to get a few done.

Not a total wash out 🙂

Thanks guys



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