Life after the storms…


This morning I took the dog around the woodland just over the road from my house, Coed Meurig. I immediately realised that I should have brought the camera. The place was stunning. The recent heavy rains and thunderous storms we had over the last couple of days have really created stunning, vivid green environment. All the plants, grasses and leaves on the trees have had massive growth spurt.

Next to the path, the long, thick bladed grasses were beautifully back lit by the suns rays, as were the millions of oak leaves on the trees.

The light in this woodland on a morning or evening with the sun shining through the canopy, creates a wonderful, dappled-light wonderland that I am always happy to see come Spring and sad to see it go in Winter.

Anyway, trying to shoot with a mad Labrador is virtually impossible, so I took him home and immediately came back with the camera.

Instead of my usual kind of post, I’ve put the images in a gallery instead, as lots of large images can slow down your page load times and create a laggy experience that’ll leave you pressing that back button. Remember that you need to click on each image to see it larger.

I hope you enjoy these today.

Many thanks for stopping by and enjoy your day 🙂



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