The Joy of Haze

This is going to be a very quick post to demonstrate how the nemesis of photographers everywhere, UV light or haze, can completely ruin a shot, leaving nothing but a blue-ish blur over anything in the distance. I only took shots today in the mountains as I know how to fix the haze in Photoshop as well as is possible.

So to demonstrate, the first image below is the original shot with no edits, not even in camera raw:

Image prior to editing

You can see the amount of haze in the image that becomes progressively worse from around the centre point in the image and upwards/backwards. As you can see, very little definition on the ground in the distance.

The second image however, is edited. I have cropped to 16:9, and to remove as much of the haze as possible, I added a levels layer, so editing non-destructively and adjusted the RGB (Red, Green and Blue) sliders until the haze was reduced. There is still quite a blue cast to the image though, but at least it’s possible to make out further detail in the distant shadows. Incidentally, the view is looking south east from the slopes of Y Garn on the Nantlle Ridge to Snowdon (under cloud) and Yr Aran on the right:

A much improved image, with less haze, post-edit.

I could use a UV filter on my camera lens, but I forgot to bring it with me!

So there you go, one way in post-production of reducing haze and to bring back a little contrast and detail.

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