Adra….dwi’n lwcus iawn i byw yma…

Snowdonia, North Wales Collage
All within 5 – 15 mins by car 🙂

For those non-Welsh speakers amongst you (a lot I’ll wager – although I should point out, I’m not fluent but know a little), the title means “Home…I am so lucky to live here…

…and you know what? I am one of luckiest people I know. Sure, I may suffer with clinical depression, but that doesn’t make me unlucky (unlucky to be cursed with it, however). I live in one of the most stunningly beautiful parts of the United Kingdom and it’s all right on my door step! Whilst my reasons for moving to North Wales I won’t highlight here (but some of you will know), it was one of the best things I ever did, despite being through hell these past four years. I wouldn’t have my beautiful daughter and I would not be married to the most wonderful person in the world, my super-woman wife.

I took these shots on a whim this afternoon as I drove nine miles to see a friend of mine at a local café, who incidentally was on his day off; you swine Mr. Livesey! 😉 Didn’t matter though, as I thought of something cool to do, using just my mobile phone and Instagram. All the shots taken with Instagram are perfectly square at 1962 pixels x 1962 pixels, so it gave me the idea to take a few shots, ‘Instagram them’ and remove them from my phone to hard drive to make the above collage in Photoshop; the resulting image is HUGE!! however at 9760px x 3833px. In English, that is almost 3.5 metres wide by 1.3 metres tall in print; unfeasibly large. Not sure why I didn’t resize them first, never mind, it would make a ridiculously expensive wall print 🙂

Oh and that cool, retro car in the middle shot? That’s my awesome Peugeot 205.

And because my cold/man flu appears to be on the wane, I’m starting to feel more human and less grizzly-bear-woken-from-hibernation-with-sore-head.

Anyway, I hope you have enjoyed this impromptu collage, away from my usual kind of stuff.



5 thoughts on “Adra….dwi’n lwcus iawn i byw yma…

  1. Hi Elton, I believe that with gratitude comes a sense of inner-peace and awareness. The more grateful we are, the better are we aligned with the universal energy that surrounds us. We are all connected. Including the trees, the birds, the rivers, the mountains… the people. When we understand this, we are happier and make others happier too.

    Beautiful post. You are a blessed human being 🙂


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