Almost Final..

Yes I know what you’re thinking “I wonder if he changes his pants as often as his blog appearance?

Well, truth be told I do change my pants. Most days. Once in a blue moon I may even go commando. But that’s enough about my army days.

So, as you can see, my blog has changed. Again. This is because this rather sexy, sleek and new WordPress theme was pointed out to me, very kindly, by fellow blogger GreenLakeBlue, so go on, have a nosy on her pages, she will appreciate the visit.

I still cannot customise it to exactly how I want it just yet, as I want the body background (where all the text sits) to be a pastel blue colour to match the sky. Also, I’m a bit peeved as despite cropping the header image to exactly as stipulated by the blog’s settings, it has still cut a lot off the top and bottom of the image. So again, until I pay to use WordPress properly, I can’t fix that.

Anyway, a quick word on posts. Because of the style and layout of the blog, to access previous posts, however (I was meant to type ‘hover‘ but it’s 2.20am and I should be in bed) your cheese-eater (your mouse, without pointing out the obvious) over the image squares below the main header image, and a little graphic will magically pop out for you to click on, displaying the post title. I’ve limited this to eight previous posts, as too many will create a laggy browsing experience for some.

Anyway, further editing of the blog’s appearance will occur once I’ve paid my £10 per year customisation fee. Not much I know, but when you’re as devoid of cash as I am…

So, like I said, ’tis way past my 2am cut-off time for climbing into bed and the cat will be meowling at me at around 7:30 for her breakfast.

Fat little sod.



3 thoughts on “Almost Final..

  1. Hi Elton,
    What a surprise to see greenlakeblue mentioned in your post here, I’m smiling 🙂
    Thank you so much!

    I agree with you: this Pictorico theme is all as you described it. However, I think it needs a bit of info/experimenting digging regarding its specifications/options etc I haven’t had the time to check it out but perhaps you may wish to assign a “Featured Image” to your posts, this way I would imagine on the front page we could see the post title PLUS an image (of your choice) associated to that post. That will create the “Wow/sleek/sexy/cool” vibe characteristic of this theme. As it is, we can only see the post title in really big font (I like big fonts but I think they overdone it a little here) and nothing. Also, I could see no two squares below the header image as you mentioned.

    My suggestion: check the Pictorico info page at
    I think it’s a superb free theme if you make full use of the main features. Just play around for while and see how you feel about it. It must look and feel good to YOU.

    All the best
    Natalia/GLB 🙂

    1. Hi Natalia

      Thanks so much for the feedback, as it has allowed me to tweak the landing page further. To be honest, I never even noticed the ‘featured image’ option; I think as far as the WordPress CPM is concerned, it needs to be somewhere else on the page so it is more obvious.

      Still trying to figure out how to make my ‘About’ and ‘My Kit’ pages have a different header; I’ll figure it out.

      Oh and you’re welcome btw; the least I could do for the feedback and visits 🙂

  2. Hi again,

    VOILA!! 🙂 That’s a huge improvement and your home page now looks stunning (in my humble opinion). Regarding a different header for your pages “My Kit” and “About” (that’s a good idea btw) I think this will help you from the link I previously mentioned: “If a Featured Image is assigned to a page or post, the image will appear in the header on single post view — otherwise, if you set a custom header it will be displayed.” So I think the trick is the same as with posts: assign a Featured Image of your choice.

    What do you mean by WordPress CPM?

    You’re very welcome! I’m no expert on web/blog design etc but as you probably figured out I have a keen eye for colour and composition, maybe due to my Synaesthesia… who knows? I’m really passionate about colours, although I do like black/white graphics too.


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