Hi all

Just to apologise in advance for the appearance changes on my blog at the moment. The theme I’ve currently plumped for I quite like the look of, and adds a splash of colour. Problem is, I can’t actually tweak it properly until I’ve purchased the custom option, which I intend to do in the very near future; I figured it’s justified being a regular blogger and for $30/£17 per year, it’s pretty good.

Once I’ve done that, I will then play around with the CSS code, to get it to how I want it to look i.e. fonts, colours etc. What you see at the moment is the default WordPress theme.

The previous incarnation I wasn’t too sure about, as the font was just too small and didn’t really comply with web standards and accessibility, from my point of view at least. And as I intend on becoming a web designer/developer, it’s important I get on board with these standards.

So, I’ll try to keep it as it is for now, as I don’t want to lose followers/visitors.

Thanks all.


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