“Up Above The Streets And Houses…”

Most of you in the UK at least, will remember the title from the kids program, Rainbow’ that ran for an amazing 20 years!

And I challenge you now to get the tune out of your head…hehe.

Anyway, I’ve been messing about shooting a couple of shots for use in HDR images. Although not particularly high quality as I don’t have a high-level DSLR (one day), these are two shots taken tonight with five exposures each, using manual exposure for each one.The first is what I call the ‘standard’ image, with nothing major applied to it apart from contrast and tonal range adjustments, and the second one I have applied a grungy look to it so it appears more muted. The images are the view from my back yard, looking over the roof tops of Bethesda towards the Glyderau range of mountains as the sun set.

Opened in Lightroom initially with white balance adjusted then merged in Photoshop as TIFFs to maintain the image data, then back into Lightroom. Not my usual workflow, so I don’t think they’ve came out as well as I would have liked. Anyway, HDR (High Dynamic Range) not to all tastes, but I thought I’d post anyway.

The Glyderau over Bethesda.
The Glyderau over Bethesda.
A more muted version.
A more muted version.

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