Skipping Over The River

The above image I captured this evening as I decided to do some camera work in my local wood, just over the River Ogwen; it’s literally a stone’s throw from the house. I took a lot more images than this, but I wanted to get this one process and at least posted for now. It […]

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Room With A View

Hi guys Just a quick one today. I took a shot from my ‘study window’ yesterday. I always wanted to do this, but the cables generally ruined the image for me, and the view, it has to be said. But since I’ve started to use the Content Aware tool in Photoshop, I’ve become a lot […]

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Quick! Grab the Camera…

Hello readers Well yesterday evening was a turn up for the books I can tell you. There I was, just sat with my wife on the sofa, minding my own business, when the sky and clouds out the front window started to bubble up. The light started to change and I just sit there, my […]

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