Le Bonk!

Hello peeps Yesterday I experienced something on the bike I have not experienced in a few years; what we in the world of cycling call ‘The Bonk’. Yes, I have pictures, but you know how I like to waffle about other things as well in an attempt to enlighten the less cycle au fait of […]

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Onwards and upwards…

Howdy folks. Last night I decided that, even after my wife said I should perhaps have a rest off the bike (cunningly disguised using other, more devious words), I wanted to get out and do a short but quite tough ride before the rain and hail arrived by lunch time the following day. And as […]

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Sunshine during the rain…

Hello. I completely forgot that I went out the other week to get some shots during sunset on a little local hill called Moel y Ci. It’s an ideal spot as it’s possible to shoot in any direction with an unimpeded view. And, due to the weather outside being pretty awful to say the least […]

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