Short Ride With Pics

Hi folks

Sorry for the lack of updates here. Thing is, our weather here in the UK hasn’t been particularly amazing for photography lately. In fact, it’s hardly stopped raining until today, so I took the opportunity to get out on my bike for a very short ride down to a local cafe for a coffee and a chat with a friend and fellow snapper. You’d think cycling 10 miles for a coffee is a wee bit silly, but when you see the amazing views that are spread out before me en route, I think you’ll agree, it was worth it. The road (to my non-local readers) is the A5. This snakes its way through the Nant Ffrancon and Ogwen Valleys from Holyhead in north western Anglesey and all the way to London (if you really wanted to follow it all the way to London, that is), but the most sensible of us leave it at Telford!

OK  then. Just a quick word on the images. They’re all taken with my little back up point-and-shoot Fuji, that I take on every ride. So naturally, no manual mode and loads of blown highlights that I’ve done my best to fix. In fact I had to bin a lot of the pics; these are some of the best ones and to be honest, I’m pretty pleased with them considering what they were taken with.

Anyhoo, please enjoy the images and appreciate the views.



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