Just A Quick One!

Sorry folks I’ve not been too well, hence the lack of posts. There’s also something else I may be working on soon, another blog that will run in tandem with this one, but on a completely separate subject. Some will like it, some won’t. C’est la vie.

Anyway, here’s a couple of HDR panoramas that I took on the 11th. The first shot is the result of twenty eight individual exposures (four for each portrait shot, eventually merged into one image) and is basically the amazing view that I am privy to on a daily basis; I wanted the buildings of my village in there, as a demonstration of scale. The village of Bethesda, the last ‘outpost’ before you pass through the mountains and reach Capel Curig, nine miles away on the A5.

There has been a lot more snow recently, which has now melted again, due our fickle, British weather!
There has been a lot more snow recently, which has now melted again, due our fickle, British weather!

The second image was taken from a slightly different spot in the field, looking west and was pretty difficult to take, as the tripod was very difficult to keep stable in the long, spongy grass. This is the result of only(!?) twelve exposures, again merged into one HDR portrait shot each, and then stitched together in Photoshop.

The little lump of a hill on the right is Moel y Ci (Hill of the Dog), whilst the hills on the left are what appear on the far right of the above shot (Carnedd y Filiast):

The View West As The Sun Sets
The View West As The Sun Sets

And, before the moon reached its full stage on the 15th January, I wanted one last shot of the waxing gibbous (always makes me giggle like a school girl). There was a very thin veil of high cloud, so I decided to crop the image quite tightly and put the moon on the left third, for a change. I also blackened the sky, as it was pretty noisy. I should have moved my watermark to the right though as it looks unbalanced now; never mind it’s no big deal.

Gibbering Gibbous
Gibbering Gibbous

That’s all for now folks, but as I said, I’ll be starting a new blog shortly regarding, to some at least, what is quite a taboo subject. So stay tuned if you’re interested.

Thanks for reading and see you soon.




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