Only sixteen left…phew!

Hi folks

It’s 2:30AM UK time and I’ve managed to get through over 140 images taken today (er…yesterday now); from multiple exposure shots for HDR (most of them), uploading to my PC, cataloging them in Lightroom, merging images in Photomatix, editing them in RAW, processing in Photoshop and finishing touches in Lightroom! I’m glad to say that all this workflow has developed my er, development skills and the speed I can now get through images from RAW to finished product is quite impressive I think!

Naturally, I’m a wee bit pooped so I’m going to leave you with a sneak preview of an HDR image, made up of fifteen exposures, merged separately in Photomatix and then stitched in Photoshop, as well as all the other processing.

I’ll finish the remainder tomorrow and post a lot up then. Good night all.

Taken from Pen Llyn bridge, looking south over Llyn Padarn and to the Pass of Llanberis, smothered in the murk. Our most famous mountain, Snowdon is in the right third buried under cloud, as usual!



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