Finally….some finished images!

Hello peeps

Well after probably I would say around 10 hours of sorting, preparing and processing images, I have finally got them ready to post. I can then maybe go back to doing more important things, like gaming (that was dry sarcasm if you never picked up on that; it’s hard to convey sarcasm in words as whoever is reading it may be stupid).

So, what I’m going to do is just post most of the images that I liked the final result of. Most are HDR, muted tone maps and a couple of B & W images. Not really sure what order to do them in, and since I can’t figure out why I’m unable link to my Flickr page, I’ll embed them in the post; besides, wouldn’t want you wandering away from my before you’ve been through the post…

…anyway, here you go. I hope you like them. (Click on an image to open the gallery).

You’re welcome by the way 😉

Ciao for now.



3 thoughts on “Finally….some finished images!

    1. Now then Pete!

      Well I know there’s a way in somehow. I was trying to see behind the houses on that side of the road; but as they are all private…also as you walk up to where you cross the railway…instead of going through the gate, come off the road along next to the viaduct? Is that a safe way down? It was raining so I left.

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