A Hastily Grabbed Camera…

Hey Everybody (just realised I read that in my mind how that mental scientist in The Simpsons says hello….you know the one, I’ve forgotten his name)! I’m just jumping in to make a very quick post. Our local river, the River Ogwen had seen a lot of over night rain and run off from the […]

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Views From Two Wheels

Howdy people I said to myself I’d try and get out every two days on my bike, back pain and weather permitting, so I went out for a short twenty mile jaunt around my local roads and hills. Hills. Well, I live in North Wales, so there’s no escaping the buggers. Today, I foolishly chose […]

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Short Ride With Pics

Hi folks Sorry for the lack of updates here. Thing is, our weather here in the UK hasn’t been particularly amazing for photography lately. In fact, it’s hardly stopped raining until today, so I took the opportunity to get out on my bike for a very short ride down to a local cafe for a […]

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Just A Quick One!

Sorry folks I’ve not been too well, hence the lack of posts. There’s also something else I may be working on soon, another blog that will run in tandem with this one, but on a completely separate subject. Some will like it, some won’t. C’est la vie. Anyway, here’s a couple of HDR panoramas that […]

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