To Diversify? That is the question…

Mont Ventoux Summit, feeling a bit knackered...
Mont Ventoux Summit, feeling a bit knackered…

Hmm. I’ve been doing this blogging thing now for what, a week or so and thoroughly enjoying it, and whilst the focus is on landscape photography, I am beginning to wonder if I should start to include different subjects. For example, I am a keen road cyclist, so should I incorporate some of that too? I am also a member of Ogwen Valley Mountain Rescue, and sometimes, I get pictures worthy of posting or even just a general blog post with some inane witterings.

What I’d like to do then, for those of you that follow my blog or are interested in what I have to say or blogging generally, that includes Facebook visitors and any people that may follow me on Twitter or Tumblr, is create a poll for you to answer, simply yes or no to diversifying my blog and possibly renaming it before I get too well known (one can hope!) After all, I want my blog to be interesting and frankly anybody that is ‘into’ the outdoors should like what I post, apart from when I waffle on, like I am doing now. Ahem.

But the main focus shall remain on photography. So please, have a vote in the poll or even place any comments below; feedback is always welcome, from bloggers big or small.




3 thoughts on “To Diversify? That is the question…

  1. I’m trying to get my blog going as well at the moment and I was also having trouble working out what topics I wanted to include without alienating people. So far I’ve managed to post on cycling, geology and climbing without (it would appear) putting too many people off. Also would love to hear about Mountain Rescue stuff as I have an assessment day coming up at Teesdale and Weardale Mountain Rescue Team.


    1. Hi Alex

      Great to hear from you. I do like the look of your blog and the content; I used to climb and still do occasionally, but nothing difficult, mostly trad. These days I just prefer to be walking and scrambling in the mountains (freezing at belay stances is no fun any more!), and getting out doing road rides. I also love the fact that you discuss geology, which is a very interesting subject from my point of view; we spend so much time on the rock so I think educating people into how it ‘got there’ in the first place is a fantastic idea.

      The thought behind diversifying my blog was because it’s still early days and although I have few followers at the moment, I wanted to get the blog with subjects ‘set in stone’ as it were, and like you, to not push people away and to keep the content interesting; I can talk photography until I’m blue in the face, but appealing to a wider audience, I think, is the way to go in the blogging world.

      As far as the mountain rescue is concerned, I will definitely be talking about this, along with how we do things and training etc.; I will be writing up a post today regarding last night’s training, so keep an eye out for it. If this is your first or initial ‘hill day’, I’d just advise that you keep as switched on as possible, get your local knowledge up to scratch along with your nav also – I’m sure there’s no question of your climbing ability! MR is more about you being safe and confident on steep ground, not necessarily a super climber, especially as you’ll be learning new rope techniques. Keep a cool head also; I was quite nervous on my initial hill day but thankfully passed no problem.

      Anyway, if you wanted, we could remain communicating, regarding blog stuff or MR.

      If I don’t speak to you before, best of luck for the day and most of all enjoy it 🙂


  2. Hi Elton,

    The Sea King training post was really good, looking forward to more MR related stuff. I think a post like that will attract all sorts of people. Also it’s impressive that you managed to get such good photos whilst in a helicopter? I’m not the best photographer whilst on the ground!

    Thanks for the advice on the assessment day, I’m just going to try my best and see what happens. Ill let you know how it goes… In terms of local knowledge that is something I need to work on as I’m new to the area the team operate in.


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