Little Walk To Aber Falls / Rhaeadr Aber

The sun was shining today, so my wife, myself and the dog decided it would be nice to walk up to Aber Falls (Bailey didn’t ‘decide’ this, as he is a dog; all he cares about was the opportunity to get wet when he hears the word ‘swim’). This is a beautiful valley, as you walk south up it heading towards the northern Carneddau mountains, as they tumble their way down to the sea. Archaeological remains also seem to suggest that man has been settled in this area since pre-historic times, over 2,000 years ago. The North Wales Path is also accessible from this area. Whilst the water fall was not in spate (the exposed rock will give you an idea of how wild it can be), I think you’ll agree that it is still a very impressive and beautiful sight; my wife is in the first shot to give the falls some scale.

The light was pretty harsh today (we were there at the wrong time of day for photos, really) and very hazy, so I didn’t take that many photographs, but some of my favourite ones are below. Pictures taken at varying shutter speeds, aperture and focal length, depending on how I wanted the water to appear; any photographers reading this will know what I mean, others may not. I plan in future to perhaps have some basic descriptions of what the technical terms mean.


Taken at f/8, 0.6 seconds exposure, 6mm, ND filter.
Taken at f/4, 1/500 second, 21mm
Taken at f/8, 0.5 seconds, 6mm
Taken at f/8, 0.5 seconds, 30mm
Taken at f/3.5, 1/30 second, 6mm
Taken at f/2.8, 1/30 second, 6mm, +0.3EV (exposure bias)
Taken at f/5, 1/30 second, 6mm


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