A Walk Around Conwy Mountain – 21/08/13

Well I’d never really walked around this area of North Wales before (apart from a mountain rescue call-out, but that doesn’t count) so when my wife asked me if I wanted to assist her on leading a group of fourteen teenagers, I jumped at the chance, despite having sore legs from the previous day’s exploits on Elidir Fawr.

We left the Youth Hostel in Conwy and made our way down the road and up the first steep section; queue lots of complaining from most of the group. It was steep, to be fair! But they all got up ok, despite their protestations.

The walk then carried on west along a fairly level stretch with wonderful views back to Conwy.ImageWe continued along the North Wales Path, whilst I decided to take up tail-end-charlie duties and drag two boys along who just wanted to sit down all the time.Image

Eventually we started to head a little bit in land and it was just a riot of colours; yellows, pinks, purples and greens, so naturally I had my camera out. The sky was ok too so this would lend a bit of atmosphere to the shot I wanted.


 We then got views across to Great Orme.



At this point my wife wanted me to go in front, but secretly is was so I could do the map reading, which is fine as I love map reading; it’s very satisfying getting to a point you have navigated to. We dropped down into the Sychnant Pass and had a little break, whilst I again pulled up to the last two, unruly boys who were starting to get on my nerves by this point!


We wanted to extend the walk for as long as possible, so that the group had a good day out and besides, I was really enjoying the walk. I’ll probably come back and do it for myself, but on a bigger scale. I was pleased to see and hear that some of the group were really enthusiastic about being in the great outdoors and the if they lived here “they’d be doing this every day” I never mentioned that the weather in these parts can be atrocious! But it’s great to get teenagers involved in this kind of thing.

For lunch, I navigated us to a small lake in a little saddle in an attempt to get us out of the wind for a while. Firstly, the lake had dried up and secondly, we were still in the wind, but less so. I should have taken a picture but I’m not really able to include the group in my personal shots. Everyone enjoyed the opportunity to relax for a while and play around with our dog, Bailey. After a while it was time to move on. Again, a little more map reading was required to ensure we maintained the course we were on.

There was one last little hill (252 m) that we wanted to get the group up, called Craigyfedwen, before the nice gradual descent back down into Conwy. Eventually, we had managed to walk around six miles with them, which the majority enjoyed, including myself and my wife.

A lovely little walk, that I would highly recommend if you want something fairly easy with great views up the Conwy Valley and across the Irish Sea.

Thanks for reading.



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