…is as good as a rest. It’s sometimes a tough concept to swallow. But other times, it’s exactly what we need. You all know by now what a difficult past twelve months that I have had, so no need to repeat myself. But it’s now time to move forward and ignore that reverse gear; how […]

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I’ve been reading a lot about anxiety these past few days, because if there’s one thing I have never actually done, is to sit down and unpack it. Basically, investigating what’s causing it: What am I doing at the time?How is it making me feel?How do I get out of it? There are many forms […]

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If you’ve read Dune, you’ll recognise the above quote. Fear however, means different things to different people

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Ghosts and 2021 plans…

I’m writing this post because…wait, I did know a minute ago. Oh yeah. Let me just get this out of the way…if you choose to be offended by the below paragraph, then that is your choice and has nothing to do with me. Please understand that I do not go out to deliberately offend people, […]

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