Long. Slow. And bloody Difficult! That was the theme of todays rather wet run. Why do I choose to go out and do a long run in the pissing rain!? It could be because I am stupid. It could be because I like that feeling of being soaked from the inside by the condensation not escaping from […]

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Life Goals and 2018

If you are lucky enough to be one of those people who is able to plan and structure their goals throughout the year and indeed in life, I applaud you as it is something yet from a personal point of view I have not been great at. Especially recently. But I get so very hung […]

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Burning Bridges…

Today I made a very bad decision. Today I let a number of people down and put pressure on them. I sent a rash e-mail in the heat of my bubbling anger and was right then and there prepared to burn my bridges. I can’t say whom I let down. All I know is that […]

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Going downhill…

Many people think that depression ‘doesn’t exist’ or they don’t class it as a ‘real’ illness. It’s as real as the sky is blue or the grass is green. And right now, I’m really feeling it. Not sure why. I haven’t felt like this in a few years if I’m honest. I have lost all […]

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