So many changes…

…that I actually don’t know where to begin. Even now I am staring at a blinking cursor but as soon as I get off the starting blocks then it’ll flow quite nicely. Think I’ll write this in a couple of parts as otherwise it’ll be too long. I suppose everything was going quite well for […]

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…is as good as a rest. It’s sometimes a tough concept to swallow. But other times, it’s exactly what we need. You all know by now what a difficult past twelve months that I have had, so no need to repeat myself. But it’s now time to move forward and ignore that reverse gear; how […]

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I’ve been reading a lot about anxiety these past few days, because if there’s one thing I have never actually done, is to sit down and unpack it. Basically, investigating what’s causing it: What am I doing at the time?How is it making me feel?How do I get out of it? There are many forms […]

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If you’ve read Dune, you’ll recognise the above quote. Fear however, means different things to different people

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